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Tattoo Removal

We use 'state of the art' laser equipment to remove your tattoo in as few treatments as we can achieve. We can fade or remove all colours of pigment (expecting white) with no damage to your skin.

Free numbing cream and patch test

Pigmentation Correction

Dark patches of hyperpigmentation, ugly birthmarks, moles, port-wine stains, skin tags, sun damage, age spots, melasma and other unwanted skin imperfections can be removed quickly and safely.

SMP Removal or correction

Are you unhappy with your SMP job? Maybe the hairline is too fierce, too far forward or unsymmetrical. Is the ink too dark or blotchy? Don't worry. We can edit the parts you don't like or remove your scalp micro pigmentation completely.

Feel like yourself again!

Treatment Menu

  • Anti-aging treatments

  • Laser skin care

  • Laser hair removal

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Permanent Makeup Removal - PMU correction

  • SMP correction and removal

  • Hyperpigmentation treatments

  • Birthmark Removal

  • Skin Tag Removal

  • Mole Removal

  • Milia, Wart, Cyst removal

  • Scar revision

  • Acne treatments

  • Skin Tightening treatments

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Cellulite treatments

  • EMS lipolysis body sculpting

  • Mesotherapy + Fat Jab

  • Stretchmark reduction

  • Microneedling ; DermaRoller and DermaPen

  • Plasma Pen

  • Specialised Facials

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Glycolic Peels

>  Ask about your *free consultation >
*A nominal fee is charged for the consultation which is refundable when you book a treatment, making it absolutely free!

Your skin.. is in good hands!

100% customer satisfaction

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Harley Street Clinic #1 for medical care

Harley Street is reputed as the 1st choice for medical treatment & skin care

Specialist practitionners since 2008

We have 13 years experience in the removal and correction of pigmentation 

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