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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation - are you regretting it?


While SMP might have worked out well for some, for others it's been a disaster. There are multiple reasons therefore that SMP correction or removal might be the answer:

At London Laser and Pigmentation we have the skill and the equipment to do the most precise edits to get your scalp looking how you want it without having to revisit the SMP studio.

  • It looks fake and unnatural

  • Results were not as described

  • Fading has occurred in some areas

  • Your hairline was brought down too low

  • ​Your hairline looks too fierce

  • The ink was applied unevenly, leaving a dark shadow in some areas

  • You have blotches and blowouts

  • Some ink deposits are too large or blurry

  • It no longer suits your face

  • There's too much crossover where the SMP meets the receding hairline

  • As more hair falls out, it looks weird

  • It was a short-term solution anyway

Possible errors with your SMP ...
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