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Pigmentation Correction

a girl before and after freckle removal

Bye bye to hyperpigmentation

From freckles to skin tags, birthmarks to age spots, moles to sun damaged skin, port wine stains to dark patches on the face, elbows, knees and underarms. Wherever those hyper-pigmented areas happen to be; we can get rid of them, and sometimes in as few as 1 single treatment!

Based on the results of your consultation and skin analysis, you will receive the correct treatment for your skin colour, type and condition.

You don't have to live with unsightly imperfections. They can be painlessly removed in a jiffy! Why wait to feel great?

Freckle removal and mole removal

before and after laser treatment for melasma

Treatment of melasma and hyper pigmentation

laser treatment to remove liver spots

Removal of liver spots, sun damage and age spots

a child with a portwine stain on her face

We offer contribution based charitable treatments for children  from 5-9 years old !

For young children, having a birthmark or mole in the wrong place can be traumatising. It can affect their self esteem as well as be a cause for bullying. We want to help to alleviate these issues where possible and offer a select number of contribution based appointments for children each month. Contact us for more details about children's birthmark removal and free port wine stain removal for children.

Laser treatment of port wine stains

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