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Tattoo Removal

                Tattoo Removal before and after pics 

Fade a tattoo ready for rework or remove the ink completely

tattoo removal of a tattoo sleeve

Safe and effective!

We use state of the art equipment to remove tattoos as effectively and in as few treatments as possible without harming your skin. Our lasers by-pass the surface of the skin and dissipate the pigment below the epidermis. Providing you follow the simple aftercare guidelines, your skin will return to its normal condition and with no damage or scarring.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and attention to detail so as not to affect the skin surrounding your tattoo and to accurately remove only the parts you don't like. So whether you want part removal of your tattoo, tattoo fading or the complete removal of a sleeve, we will tailor your treatment according to your exact requirements. We will do a thorough skin analysis to assess the laser parameters required for each individual case.

We can remove all coloured tattoos and while dark colours such as black, blue, purple and brown are generally removed faster; we can also successfully treat paler colours such as green, pink, orange and even yellow. See some of our case studies for our multi-coloured tattoo removals success stories. We can work along side your tattooist to fade unwanted tattoos ready for rework, ensuring that the skin is properly healed and ready for your new tattoo.

We spend all the time needed to make sure that each tattoo removal session counts. We administer unrushed pin-point by pin-point laser treatments for the maximum impact. Beware of clinics offering cheap, fast and close together treatments! We will not sign you up to more treatments than necessary and will leave the full recommended 6-8 weeks between each tattoo removal session. We will give you full aftercare and proper follow up to check your progress. We believe that we offer the best tattoo removal service in London.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

We use an Nd Q-switched Yag laser which works at different wavelengths dependant on the colour of the ink you would like to remove, achieving the most accurate and effective tattoo removal.

So whether you want to remove part of your tattoo or an entire sleeve; anything is possible!

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