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HyperPigmentation, Birthmark

Get rid of all sorts of hyper-pigmented patches : Birthmarks, Melasma., Portwine stains, to even out skin tone.

Tattoo Removal

Removal of all colours except for white

Fade your tattoo in prep for re-work. Remove part of a tattoo or get rid of an entire tattoo sleeve.

SMP removal & correction

Are you unhappy with your SMP job? Maybe the hairline is too fierce, too far forward or uneven. Don't worry. We can recreate you hairline by removing the parts you don't like.l yoFFunger!

beard shaping laser_edited.jpg
IPL - Laser Hair Removal

Fast, effective and pain free hair removal - From beard sculpting to full body laser hair removal

Scar Reduction

We have multiple solutions for the reduction of scarring and pitted skin. Ask about the newest methods of scar revision.

Dermaroller & DermaPen

BOTOX alternative !

Collogen inducing skin rejuvenation

Micro needling to promote cell renewal and baby-fresh skin

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
PMU eyebrow removal_edited.jpg

Permanent makeup Removal

A cosmetic procedure using fine crystals and a vacuum to resurface the skin. Commonly used on the face, and decollete to reduce fine lines, minor scars, wrinkles and dark spots

Helps rid the body of toxins, cellular waste, and fluid retention. After surgery, lymphatic drainage massage will speed healing and reduce scar tissue and inflammation. Boosts the immune system!

Safe, effective removal and editing of PMU incl HD brows, microblading, permanent eyeline, lip line and lip blush

Milia, Wart and Cyst Removal
wart seborrheic k_edited.jpg
Mole, Skin Tag, Seborreic Keratosis 
Skin Tightening with PlasmaPen

Using thermocoagulation via advanced electrolysis to remove a range of blemishes including blood spots

Quick, easy pain-free zapping with fast recovery time

Plasma fibroblast therapy; non surgical face lifting and skin tightening; eye bag and eyelid Blepharoplasty

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